My husband is so good. He hates it when I introduce him that way! But I can’t help it. When I am ready to order my beads he is letting me order more and more. My first time ordering by catalog was in 2006, in 2007 I got a shipment in February and another one in July. Now it is 2008 and I was itching to get some more product to keep getting different things that I did not have yet. Or more of some of the stuff I really loved.

So He wanted me to publish on a separate page my pictures that I took when I received my order. Pictures you say! Yep, and plenty of them. I have heard other describe it like waiting for Christmas to arrive. Well, I have to agree with that one. There is nothing like the anticipation of the five days it takes for Federal Express to put that package on your doorstep.

So I received my order thankfully on a Friday! You know that most of my beading gets done on the weekend.

Here is some visuals:






Okay, you may have guessed it. Firemountaingems, you can see their catalog in this shot.


Goblins was getting very interested by this time. She loves the packages to lay upon.


I was so excited that Saturday I organized (again) my bead supply. Now hopefully I will not have such a hard time finding seed beads of certain colors, and everything else that I tried to organize….wire, findings, beads, crystals.


This is half of my collections. Okay it is not as fancy as some people’s but I really believe in using what you have….recycled jars, candy boxes, and cookie tins, besides cardboard boxes.


Okay, this is not so glamorous, but those boxes are full of lovelies. One of them is full of 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm druk beads and pearls. The other one is full of boxes of seed beads, and the pill bottles are full of assortments of seed beads in different color schemes. Lots of goodness there!

Thanks for visiting! I will update occasionally as I take pictures of some of my beads not in reflective plastic packages so you can see their true colors.

Thanks C


One Response to “beads!”

  1. Do take the non-packaged photos of the beads :] I love love love beads. Their aisle at Michaels is my krytponite…

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