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We have four.

Posted in cats on July 16, 2010 by beadnfun

We have four beautiful housemates.  I’ve shown you pictures of them before.  How about some more.

Here is my timid little thing, Whiskers.  She is sitting on my lap right now.

This is The Dude.  I put this one in to give you a little perspective of his size.  I think this was when he was about 12-13 pounds.   He has gained weight since living with us.

He likes us.

Roscoe….a love bug.  He’s always hungry.

Queen of the castle.  Goblins.

Tori with Rosco

Thanks for visiting.




Posted in cats on April 2, 2010 by beadnfun

I took a few shots of Rosco the other day.  He was ill a few days ago, and since he has been eating again is almost back to his normal pushy self.  He is loving the extra attention he is receiving along with copious doses of wet food.

Here is some recent shots.  This was taken with the telephoto lens and not the macro lens.  So a little more shaking going on.

But I do like the lighting that I got on these.

A handsome boy.

See what I mean, shaky I say.


and last but not least.  A mind blower….get ready.


The Rosco Chronicles.  Stay tuned for more kitty shots.

I was a winner!

Posted in beading, beads, bracelets, cats, hobbies, seed beads, triangle stitch on December 30, 2009 by beadnfun

Yep the other day I was told by thebeaddreamer that I won.  I can’t believe it–I usually never win anything, and it was christmas eve as well.  Yeah!

So yesterday in the mail I received my win….

a book published by Lark called Bugle Bead Bonanza signed by the author Jamie Cloud Eakin.  This was a contest sponsored by TheBeadDreamer.  Thanks everyone!

Here is her link.

She had contest every once in a while and her blog is sweet!  Go check her out.

I’ve continued to progress on my triangle weave bracelet, but once in a while am getting mixed up and adding 13 triangles instead of 12…..oh well.  This is why I always work up one first, and if I like it I will do another.

Here is a picture of my glass drop bracelet where I had to remove part of my closure and add this button instead.  I had to reduce it by a couple of inches so the bracelet wouldn’t fall off my hand…this certainly helped.

Guess what, it snowed here.  This is our second snow.

More to come later.  I must fix breakfast.

Here is whiskers.

Later thanks for tuning in.


Yep, beading again….

Posted in beading, beads, cats, necklaces, peyote stitch, seed beads on December 7, 2009 by beadnfun

Yep, I’ve been working on some stuff this weekend.  You know that time of the year for me…I would rather make things than buy things.  I can’t keep it all.  Besides I’m getting better so my stuff is improving compared to some of the stuff in my stash bag…my stash bag of finished pieces.

So a little of this.

my giftie girl likes lime green, so I looked at the opposite side of the color wheel, and it said violet red, so this little so gel seed beed in clear pink isn’t to saturated or bold.

So this is a 2 drop peyote band.  I have added some 8’s along the bottom to give it a little more curvature.  This is where the drops will hang soon.

This was taken about 1/2 an hour before stopping.  I guess I’m at about 2 hours or less at the length of about 10 inches.

So here is my selection process.

I pulled out these.

So I selected the lime green with clear beads to disband and use.

But I haven’t used them yet.  These are probably more like 6’s, So I haven’t used them in the peyote band…I think I will use them with the drops…

So I got out my 8’s.

I picked out dark lime green silver lined, and also a transparent root beer (which seems to go with everything) to alternate for the 8’s on the bottom of the band.

I also worked on stringing some pearls.  You know I just got better at this trick.

So this is what I made this weekend.  Three necklaces and one peyote band necklace started.

We end with this photo.

Thanks for visiting.  Take care and happy shopping all.


Some family shots.

Posted in cats, Uncategorized on October 15, 2009 by beadnfun

Okay, Dad shots.


He probably thinks I’m a freak.  Every time I come over I take a few pictures of him.


This is is the “no you can’t borrow 20 bucks” look.


He’s looking……


at the maps feature on my phone.  He’s showing me his boyhood home in St. Louis, and showing me around the neighborhood.


I usually take pictures of him in the kitchen because I visit at dinner preparation time.  The light is better….but my macro lens means that I can’t stand back too far, but the close ups are nice.


I also took these photos.


This is the new kittie that showed up at our house a few weeks ago.  He had a flea collar on….If you know of this kitty, please write to me in the comment section.

Thanks for checking with me.  I will take some more pictures of my current beading projects coming soon.  I have finally finished the dangles, but am adding the border.  Now I want to fill in the rest of the band.   Then it is time to concentrate on my Christmas projects.



some more craft show photos.

Posted in cats on October 12, 2009 by beadnfun

So I will show you a little more craft show pictures, because that is what I have lately.


folks brought out the dogs!


Oops, I got spotted.


Now he acts like a shy dog.


This little beauty got all dressed up, then covered by a brand new blanket!


and then my camera battery died.


Goodnight friends.

See you soon


This last week was hard on me.

Posted in beading, cats on September 29, 2009 by beadnfun

So I was a little unmotivated to bead.  I’m still where I was.


But I did get a little better about riding my indoor bike.  The first few weeks of a semester for me is working my day shift, and then resting—getting off of my feet, resting so I don’t fall asleep at 8:00.  So I have a tendency of laying down after my shift for the fest few weeks.  So now that I am a little more used to it, I’ve been trying to stay awake at least for some of the days, and trying to exercise without being on my feet.  So I have a recumbent bike that I use.

Lately I’ve been watching some shows on Hulu and that way I can watch what I want when I want.  But after bicycling, I have to get busy with cleaning up, and making dinner, and cleaning up, and then resting before bed.  If I get busy after work, then I don’t sit down till 10pm.  And considering I’ve been on my feet for 16 hours if I don’t rest.


See Roscoe understands.


My glass door must be clean….I don’t see any fingerprints.


Okay forget I said that.

My husband and I took a short road trip and I took some photos of some barns.  Pretty amazing when we didn’t stop to shoot these….I just pointed as we went past at 40 miles per hour.




I mean these are not fancy barns….but in the county that we live in, there are not that many barns made of wood any more.  There are many tin barns, and Butler building barns, and metal, even Quonset hut barns.  But a lot of the old things in this county are bulldozed over.

Thanks for checking in on me.  Next time pictures of Roots and Blue Festival.