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This weekend….

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We went to the Hannibal Folklife Festival.  Quite the turn out as usual.  It had  been four years since we had gone there….it was an anniversary for us, as this is where we spent out honeymoon…and there was this festival going on.


four blocks, 100 or so vendors and a few thousand folks all jammed together…sounds like fun!


See, tons of people all crammed together….good food, good music and ancient buildings….well 100 year old’s anyway.


Of course I took my macro lens which I figured would look great, but unfortunately you have to stand pretty far back.  Though the lens is a killer lens, which is why I usually have it on the camera.  Besides I love portraits.


Okay,  I made my husband hold the camera, he got about eight of me before I walked up to the camera….But see the quality…excellent.


It’s the Mississippi River!


Anyway, back to the festival.  Fell in love with this old building.  It is now the Drug store museum…built in 1839 and one of the oldest buildings in Hannibal.


Here is the other side of the Drug Store building.  They were putting a new coat of paint on the back side of this building.  Directly behind that is the Justice of the Peace where Samuel Clemens father worked as a Lawyer.  This is all the “historic square of Hannibal”.  Come on I’ll show you more.


This building is one the same street and almost directly across from Samuel Clemens boyhood home.


I love this old building.  Mainly because it is so short and small, before building requirements made things so uniform.  It is elegant inside.  Across the street from this home is the “Becky Thatcher” house, were the little girl lived that inspired that character for “Huckleberry Finn” and “Tom Sawyer”.




See my issue with the macro lens….this was standing all the way across the street.


I actually got a shot of my husband!

Well, I took lots of pictures, as did my husband…so I have some good things to show you in the coming days.

Thanks for checking with me.  I will put on some beading posts soon. I took a picture of my progression with my white necklace with the shell coins.  I will upload those tomorrow.