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Not getting much done.

Posted in beading, beads, necklaces, peyote stitch on September 9, 2011 by beadnfun

I have been working a lot.  My major job requires me to stand for hours plus a hike to get there in the morning and a hike to get back to where I clock out.  I still have a second job as well.  I haven’t had time to do much beading like I used to.

Though I have been working on some projects.


I got the blues….

Posted in beading, beads, necklaces, peyote stitch, seed beads on April 24, 2010 by beadnfun

Yep, while I was making the ruffled rings necklace, I took liberty of my “blue soup” mix.  I made this necklace.

The peyote band with the detail of top and bottom.

The button and loop closure.

This is similar to a necklace made by Aasia Hasim in a past issue of Bead and Button Magazine.  I put my own spin on it though.

So that is what I whipped up.  Now I’m working on creating some rings in different ways.  Not going to well. So I don’t have anything new to post that involves beads at this moment.  I do have some ideas though, so maybe today I will get inspired.  I think a right angle weave necklace is in order.

See you soon


Just a little green….

Posted in beading, beads, hobbies, necklaces, peyote stitch, seed beads on April 22, 2010 by beadnfun

I made a couple of necklaces recently….well actually the same time I made the ruffled rings necklace.  I had the same beads out, so I figured I would whip these up.

This is large beads hanging from a peyote band.

The peyote band.  This strand is comprised of a row of two 6’0’s worked into an even count peyote.  Then I add the top fringe and the bottom fringe.

This is also an adaption of Aasia Hasim’s work that she has published in Bead and Button Magazine.   This is also one of my husbands favorite styles that I made, so I take the basics of Aasia’s style and add my own fringe too it.  I’ve made about a dozen variations of this necklace.

And finally, more of a overall shot of the piece.

Thanks for checking in….tomorrow it will be blue.

Happy beading.


I’m getting really close now.

Posted in beading, beads, necklaces, Oglala stitch, peyote stitch, seed beads on March 28, 2010 by beadnfun

Probably just a few more rings…I would say less than four.

I think I’m going for over the head with no clasps.  I wasn’t sure what kind of clasp to make, so why not just make it long enough, that way I can make sure it is solid.

This was not taken with the macro lens.

I will get rid of those loose strings when my needle is free.

Tomorrow I will shoot some shots with the macro lens.  Obviously I was not holding the camera still enough.

See with this lens I can back off a little and you get more a view of my work area.  It looks complicated right now, but between each project I get rid of all the stuff you see, and start a fresh clean table.

So there it is.  Hopefully Tuesday will be the finish date on this one.  Since I’m not devoting every day to this, it has taken about a month to complete this working about four rings a night.  I have serious carpel tunnel which only gets cranky doing this work….so I have to stop and shake it out, and continue.  It is still worth it.  I see a lot of folks who do this work as being older than I am, so I do not want to stop doing it.

Thanks for checking in.

Happy beading and peace.


Just a quick peek

Posted in beading, beads, hobbies, necklaces, peyote stitch, seed beads on March 23, 2010 by beadnfun

I worked these up the other day when I had my bead soup out….remember?

Okay, you can’t really tell in the picture, but those are 8’s and 6’s mostly there.  So I wanted to do something with them, heck why not, there out there waiting to be used.

So I stitched up these.

Just a simple 1 up peyote stitch, real simple and quick.

Mostly a solid color, with some darker ones added for a little variety.

I have left the strings attached for now, as I need my needle to finish off end strings on my Ruffled Rings project….I had two needles the other day, and dang I lost one…it hasn’t gone into my foot yet…I’m waiting though.

I will rework these strings back in the project to finish off the ends with loop and button closures.

Eventually I will make some of these types of necklaces with this design.  These are some of my husbands favorites that I make.

Kinda like this.  This is based on a design out of Bead and Button Magazine by Aasia Hamid.  So now I do a version like it myself.  My interpretation of her design.

I’m still working on Ruffled Rings as well.  I was having a little trouble with my string, so I wanted to take a breather from it for a day or so.

Thanks for tuning in and Happy Beading.


It is growing….

Posted in beading, beads, Oglala stitch, peyote stitch, seed beads on March 6, 2010 by beadnfun

into more and more rings. I’m having fun doing it as well.

I tie off the thread after a few rings when my working string is finished, then I go back and tie off the ends when I have a loose needle.

Right now it is 14 rings long at this time.

So, more bead soup….more mixes to look through, and a few other packages of beads that are the right color-here I come.

I’m sure I’m making more work for myself to use these assorted mixes, but I have fun doing it and searching for the beads.  I have spent time sorting the colors so I have some green mixes and some blue mixes to pick from.

This will end up being a necklace at this time.  I am going to come up with some other application to use this stitch…oglala stitch I believe.

Take care and happy beading


Ruffled Rings

Posted in beading, beads, Oglala stitch, peyote stitch, seed beads on February 19, 2010 by beadnfun

Yep, I’ve wanting to work on this stitch for a while.  This was a project out of the current Bead and Button magazine.

Lively Links by Marina Nadke.

This is the kind of project I like to sink my teeth into.  Lots of drama, and lots of beading.  And I get to use some of my mixes that I have sorted out for a little variety besides my tubes of color.

And it is basically a simple stitch, peyote stitch then double peyote stitch.  I think I need something not so complicated, my brain can’t handle it right now.

My job is really working me hard right now, so I’ve been lax of course doing the beading and instead have been resting and surfing the web a lot.  So pardon the time off from beading.  Hopefully this will kick start me again.

So I started.

Second row.

Third Row, the beginning of the 2up beads, and the start of the ruffle.

Fourth row.

Fifth and final row of the first ring.

Stay tuned for more.

Okay extreme close up.   So I will keep you tuned about my progression.  I definitely see this as a few day project.  Each rings needs to be started and the threads tied in before the next one can start, or at least that seems a good idea to me.

I think this stitch is also referred to as Oglala stitch.  I will research that and let you know that one soon.

Thanks for checking my progress.